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- A funny story was born -


What do you know about penis?


I hope it's not a surprise for you that the role of the penis in the culture of man is truly enormous. Our ancestors worshiped the Phalluse gods. In some cultures, religious iconography depicts the spread of powerful divine energy in the universe through the penis.


The Bhutanese believe that phalluses protect us from evil. One of perhaps the most famous images of Bhutan, along with the photos of beautiful Tiger’s Nest, are the phalluses painted on the facade of many homes. Bhutanese worship the phallus. It is believed to represent fertility and also fortune and good luck and it is painted on walls, hanged on amulets around children or cattle’s necks and erected above door frames and on top of houses. Offerings and rites in everyday life often include it as a main character and celebrations and festivals across the country and year are organised around the phallus.  Phalluses are carved on scarecrows to protect the crops or hanged above doors to remind onlookers that, if harnessed, the phallus is the centre of male ego and can be used to “channel productivity and creativity and not lust.

 Offerings and rites with singing and dancing around wooden phalluses or with phalluses carved on dancers’ masks are a common tradition. Phalluses are used to invoke fertility, to protect from evil, from malicious gossip or to bring prosperity and wealth.


These are facts about penis.


Now ask your self:

-What do you think about penises?

-Do you feel uncomfortable to see it?

-Do you feel uncomfortable to talk about it?

-What is for you a penis?


I found this item and questions really important in my life to except myself. And it doesn’t matter to have a penis or vagina. 




4 years ago

Penis have for every person, religion or country a different meaning. It’s an very interesting subject to find out what it means. Good idea from membersonlyart to share this.

4 years ago

Interesting story!!!

4 years ago

Wow! I didn’t know about Bhutan.
And your questions are really good to thinking about that. Very good idea .

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