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- A funny story was born -



Elena Selezneva was born in 1985, raised in Ivanovo, Russia. In 2002 she entered the Ivanovo Textile Academy at the Faculty of Applied Arts. In 2007 she graduated the Moscow textile University and moved in to fashion design.  Elena created men and women collections and worked as a photo artist. In 2011 she was admitted to the Institute for Contemporary Art in the course of “New Artistic strategies” for one year. Now she works as an artist and graphic designer and travels around the world gaining inspiration for her work.


MembersOnlyArt what is it

This is fun. Joy even over trifles makes our life bright and laughter prolongs life. Dick is very often associated with aggressive images and I symbolize in my heroes a positive approach to the topic of sex and I want to simplify the attitude of many situations which sometimes cause people the pain, fear or rejection. Sex plays an important role in our life but the attitude in society is not always adequate. It is often hidden outside the personal and it is not customary to say. Thus, I propose to look at different situations from a different angle and get more positive emotions from it. I want people to be liberated. 


What is the philosophy?

  • Be free from mental attitudes, stereotypes and beliefs.

  • Be open to new experiences, overcome your fears, complexes, leave the past painful experiences

  • Accept your feelings, thoughts, allow yourself to fantasy

I strive to get attention and make a smile with a funny story that is born in your head. I use such techniques as the maximum simplification of the image, putting accent on color, form and positive metaphor.

I put positive energy in my work and I want you to feel it.


Why penis? 

Penis – not only a part of the body but also semantic figure which has many subtexts and personification the stimulus for personal and social development. We use this figure every day- in everyday speech and literature, biology and medicine , art and design, science and technology and even in religion. In my work I explore this symbol and its meaning in different context.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I'm drawing from 3 years old. First it was children’s drawings and pencil sketches at an art school then sketches of clothes at the university. Gradually, I came to the forms and techniques that you see now. This is almost a thirty-year journey of search, reflection and endless inspiration. Everything what surrounds me touches, hurts, pleases I embody in my works. it is both an inner experience and beauty of the outside world – people, nature and simple inanimate things. As I influence the artistic  process, creativity also influences me, my thoughts. It is a process of endless meditation, accumulation of internal energy and maturation.


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